Michel’s Daily Delights

Catching up…

Days 16 through 22.

In the third week of my baking adventure, I was inspired by other people, and my own stupidity!  I live in a high rise and we have a turnaround in the driveway for when you come home and need to just run upstairs and down, but not actually park the car.  So, I came home to grab my dog Bubba, fullsizeoutput_9dcband on the way down I threw the trash in the trash chute.  When I got back down to my car, I didn’t have my keys.  WTF!  I dropped them down the garbage chute.  UGH.  So I quickly went in had a work order made up and the amazing maintenance guys in my building got to work rummaging trough the garbage to find my keys.  Not a pretty task.  They couldn’t find them so they came up with me to my floor to see if they got stuck in the chute.  Lo and behold, I’m ashamed to say, they were on the floor in the garbage chute area.  😦   I was so embarrassed and horrified.  And they were so so nice about it!  No worries, it happens all the time.  I felt terrible.

fullsizeoutput_9dc8I asked them what their favorite baked good was and they said Chocolate Chip cookies.  So, I broke my streak of baking without chocolate and doing a pretty good job of not eating everything I made, and whipped up a batch of Tollhouse Chocolate Chip cookies.  And ate about a cup of cookie dough in the process – yikes!  Obviously they were delicious as they always are when you make the good old classic recipe from the bag of chocolate chips.  5 on a scale of 1-5.


IMG_1172Then I made such a fun pretty special cake for the fun special man in my garage.  Ben is my dog’s boyfriend in the building so he is very special to us.  It was his birthday and his favorite cake is vanilla so I made him a Vanilla Birthday Cake with Sprinkles.   SOOOO fun!  And … I asked him about it in front of a cute single guy in the building wink wink.  He asked what time I’d be bringing the cake tomorrow so I told him 7pm.

The next day I brought Ben his cake with a candle and he and the other guys dug in.  I had a taste and it was de-lish!  The guy wasn’t there but I learned the next day that he DID come and I just missed him.  Oh well (for now). fullsizeoutput_9dc2

This cake was easy to make but the recipe makes it look like getting sprinkles on the sides is easy.  It’s NOT.  And it’s very messy!  I had little colored sugar sprinkles all over my kitchen floor for a while – they’re not easy to sweep up either!  Bubba loved it.  When I make it again I’ll make a tinfoil bowl to catch the fall off when you throw the sprinkles on sideways.  I give this cake a 4.5 (probably cuz it wasn’t chocolate, lol).


fullsizeoutput_9d81Next I made a Pineapple Upside-down Cake.  When I was looking at recipes, I noticed I preferred the brownish looking cakes as opposed to the yellow canned pineapple ones with marischino cherries.  So I used real pineapple and fresh cherries.  I was so nervous about the reveal having never made one before, but I cooked it in a cast iron skillet and – drum roll please – ta da!  It was perfect! And sooo delicious.  I would definitely make it again, and I’d try plums, peaches, apples, whatever.  But the pineapple was divine.  5 out of 5.


Earl Grey Cookie MeltawaysAfter that thankfully I had an appointment at the vet so I made cookies for those guys.  I love my vet and everyone who works there.  When the top guy is great, everyone else is too. Bubba had to get a flu shot (who knew?) so we were in and out.  I decided on Earl Grey Almond Cookie Meltaways.  They look like Mexican Christmas cookies but taste like tea.  I didn’t think I’d care for them but they were pretty darn good.  And of course, I got a hand written thank you not afterward saying how everyone loved them.  That felt so good!  Gotta love a menschy vet.  I give these a 3.5, they’d make good holiday cookies.


Failure-is-the-mother-of__quotes-by-Korean-Proverb-89-1024x1024Next I have a friend who was having shoulder surgery and requested something chocolatey.  So I made these ultra rich chocolate brownies with mocha frosting.  They were TERRIBLE!!  They were chalky and dry and too chocolatey if there is such a thing.  The frosting wasn’t too terrible but they were a nasty gift to give anyone.  They were certainly not anything that would feel nurturing or comforting.  I gave them to her anyway promising to make better ones to replace them.  Embarrassing.  She was gracious though.  No recipe for these.  1 on a scale from 1 to 5.


fVq9tXvfTaWfY5ghgU8qMAAfter that I thought I’d make a crowd pleaser and try my hand at Whoopie Pies.  Can you believe I’d never had one?  Or seen one!  I stuck with traditional chocolate cake and white buttercream filling with marshmallows.  They were so cute.  I wrapped each one up and gave them out to various people in my building.  Easy and fun.  For me they were only a 3.5 but they were fun and they came out well I think.


Finally that third week I was gearing up for French Macarons so I made Almond Flour from raw almonds.  I was so proud of myself until … (stay tuned for next week)



Stay Sweet,


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