Michels Daily Delights

Hello again,

I’m still catching up to Day 28, where I am today so here’s another week in review.

Spiced Whole Orange Cake with Orange Mascarpone IcingFor my second week foray into the wonders of baking, I started with Spiced Whole Orange Cake with Orange Mascarpone Icing from Mary Berry’s recipes.  As most of us are, I’ve been inspired by the Great British Baking Show and figured Mary Berry’s recipes would be technical and a definite challenge.

The cake was pretty and tasty.  It was really orangey in a not overpowering way.  If I make it again I’d make prettier candied orange peels which, by the way I was surprised to find are edible and sweet when you follow the recipe!  I gave it a 3.5 on the 1-5 scale.

fullsizeoutput_9d75Next I made Valentine Rainbow Cookies.  They were a huge challenge and I failed miserably.  However, in the end I created very artistic cookies if you like Rothko or any abstract modern painters.  Turns out when you can’t make the layers of a rainbow stay in layers, you can smoosh them all together and make abstract esoteric cookies and pass them off as intentional.  (Or not!)

fullsizeoutput_9cfc   fullsizeoutput_9cf0   fullsizeoutput_9cf2   fullsizeoutput_9d86   fullsizeoutput_9d88

The problem I think was that I used liquid food coloring which I have since learned is a problem because it changed the consistency of the dough.  I’d have been better off with gel coloring which I just ordered for a future fondant experiment.

All in all it took me 7 hours!  And I’m not wild about sugar cookies – again if it’s not chocolate I can pass (hence these recipes that are chocolate free for now).  So I give them a 3 in taste.  Kinda meh.  Especially for the time spent and the disappointing outcome.

Here is a photo of what they were supposed to look like.  Hah!And here’s how mine turned out.  (eek!)fullsizeoutput_9c9f Ill try it again and let you know.


Lemon Meringue Pie ala SilvinaAfter that I asked my houseguest Silvina what her favorite dessert was and she immediately said lemon pie.  I decided that meant Lemon Meringue Pie so that’s what I made.  It was fun and gratifying to make, as all three parts were a challenge.  I succeeded  – yay – and it ended up looking very pretty.  I don’t have a picture of the inside but I was pleased that my first meringue turned out! And Silvina loved it and ate it for breakfast for the next several days!

I’m learning that the mixing process takes more time than I’d ever given it in previous baking endeavors. Turns out when you actually follow the directions and mix the butter and whatever, or the meringue for 8 to 10 mins … amazing! It works. 🙂


fullsizeoutput_9cccBack to the Great British Baking Show for Day 12.  I decided on Orange Hazelnut Biscotti.  All the way through this recipe I couldn’t understand from looking at it how it was going to turn into biscotti but … it did.  I’m learning all kinds of unexpected things in this journey like trust and patience.  These biscotti were so pretty and so delicious.  They were not difficult to make and I gave them a 4.  I’d definitely make them again.Orange Hazelnut Biscotti


fullsizeoutput_9d7bThen it was the 4th of July so of course I made an Apple Pie to bring to a BBQ at a friend’s house. I can’t find the recipe for the one I made, but it had cut out pastry stars on top and was very pretty and rustic looking.  And it tasted really good too.  Gotta love a good old American Apple Pie.  It was a crowd pleaser. 6encnmayt26ukmmyotbpkw1.jpg

4th of July cupcakesAnd because I always err on the side of excess, I also made red white and blue cupcakes. The kids loved em!

And that wraps up Week 2.

I’m going through ingredients like crazy and trying not to think about all the butter and sugar.  I finally went to Costco and bought a 35lb bag of flour and some equally large bags or sugar, almond flour, a 24 pack of eggs … and I’m stocked for a while I think.

So far so good on the 365 day experiment.  I’m loving it every day and I’ve yet to become bored or feel an obligation to my commitment.  There are so many amazing, beautiful recipes and bakers out there! I love being a part of it.

Stay tuned for week 3 and soon I’ll be caught up to the day by day.

Thanks for reading,

Stay sweet,



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